Enough choice to satisfy every mouse‘s desire! Presenting our fabulous biscuit trio:




A true classic and everyone‘s favourite!
It is with good reason that real vanilla is
sometimes called the “queen of spices“.
Even the youngest connoisseur can
appreciate the full aromatic taste of
our vanilla biscuits which are refined
with a splash of lemon juice.


Chocolaty biscuits for everyone to enjoy!
Made from organic rice flour
and purest organic cocoa butter.
These biscuits are a true delight for your
taste buds with their heavenly aroma and
a slight hint of dark chocolate.


NEW! A lovely oat biscuit
which adds more variety to restricted diets.
Our oats are specially grown and processed
to be guaranteed gluten-free (< 20 ppm gluten). Apart from tasting great, oats have many proven health benefits, including a significant protein and iron content.

During the winter months we have the perfect spicy biscuit:


This traditional type of biscuit has been around for centuries.
It has as many names as delicate flavours:
dutch windmill cookies, speculaas biscuits, all spice or spekulatius.

We break with tradition in the sense that our cookies is certified gluten-free, vegan and organic.
Other than that it tastes exactly like the real thing.
Our special spice mix consists of cinnamon, cloves and a dash of nutmeg.

Perfect with a steaming hot drink on a cold wintery day.