Each and every product we create has been vegan since day one and without exception. Insisting on that and actually achieving this in a production enviroment has been quite challengng in 2008.

We have spent many years explaining to people what vegan really means. This has dramatically changed in the past three years, and lots of information is available on veganism and its benefits. Not only are animals benefitted, but also our climate, our environment and last, but not least of all,  our own personal health and wellbeing.  We embrace that these benefits are now quite clear to most people between 15 and 50 in Europe.

For us, being vegan is actually quite  simple and logical.  Our first principle is avoiding all 14 EU recognized food allergens in each of our organic products. This approach already takes care of milk and eggs. In addition to this we never use honey or any animal-derived ingredients.


It is quite astounding how simple vegan baking can be. Most people are just so used to applying grandmother’s favourite recipes with butter, cream, eggs and honey. We manage to avoid using any of these while achieving the best ever tasting biscuits.

Go ahead and try some of our biscuits: we have four great tasting varieties!